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Lucky Pack Kawaii Cutie (Jewelry & Accessories)

Lucky Pack Kawaii Cutie (Jewelry & Accessories)

Ordinarie pris $95.00 USD
Ordinarie pris $135.00 USD Försäljningspris $95.00 USD
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Lucky pack grab bag is full of cute jewelry and accessories perfect for kawaii aesthetic fashion. This set includes a random selection of our cute handmade jewelry and accessories on sale. In your cart leave us a memo letting us know your favorite colors to include in your order! 💖🌈⭐️

Lucky pack grab bag!

  • Lucky pack grab bag includes (9 items)
  • 1 necklace valued between $15~$22 USD
  • 2 rings valued between $10~$35 USD
  • 2 bracelets valued between $10~$35 USD
  • 2 hair clips valued between $10~$22 USD
  • 1 keychain valued between $10~$22 USD
  • 1 pin valued between $8~$18 USD
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