About Us

Holley Tea Time - Magical & Cute Fashion


☆ About the artist ☆

✨ The artist behind Holley Tea Time is Holley who founded the company in 2009. Holley opened the first Holley Tea Time online shop in 2010. When the company first started Holley had help from friends and family to build up the shop to where it is today. Friends volunteered to help Holley when she first started selling at anime conventions in 2010. Presently she gets help from Connor with small tasks and is the official Holley Tea Time photographer. Holley had intentions of creating a clothing brand since 2006.  At the time she was dreaming of the idea with cute doodles during High School classes. Holley wanted her own name in the company to illustrate her inner magical world & dreams. The first online store she sold at was on Etsy, cute and humble beginnings. She then for a short while sold her products on ArtFire. She then had a website and then moved  to Storenvy. Since then she deiced to open a variety of online stores to offer customers a choice where to buy from. 
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☆ About the shop ☆

✨ Holley Tea Time is a cute art style fashion brand specializing in colorful clothing, jewelry and accessories. The shop focuses on cute and magical fashion styles know in Japan as fairy kei, yume kawaii, decora kei, pastel goth, creepy cute, spooky cute, pastel kawaii and sweet lolita fashion sub styles. The shop has a magical fantasy theme with lots of sparkle, rainbows and pastel colors. The shop also has a spooky dark side with bats, bones, stars, and moons. All designs made for the Holley Tea Time shop are original illustrations drawn by Holley herself. The goal of Holley Tea Time is to fill the world with happiness, magic and self-love. 
✨ The Holley Tea Time shop has been around since 2010. ✨

☆ Our future goals ☆

One of our future goals is to have a studio office to offer more in-stock clothing, shoes and accessories to our customers. Currently we offer mostly made to order items and print on demand merchandise. At this time we do not physically have much inventory, but instead offer made to order. Made to order products or print on demand products get made especially for you one by one by various manufacturers we do business with once you place your order from our shop. 
 Our current goal is to travel to conventions and sell our products to let the world know of our kawaii shop.
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